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BIRTHDAYS. [16 Aug 2013|09:23am]
Comment under the correct month with your character's name and birthdate in the subject line. Please use the following code:

In the body of your comment, use the following.

Resources. [13 Jan 2013|03:20am]
For Icons.

PB Hunting.

Browser Extensions.

Journal Layouts.

General Help.

If you have a resource you think we should add to this post, please leave it in a comment! ♥

Character List. [05 Oct 2012|07:17am]
residents of luna bay )

Premise, Rules, Application. [05 Oct 2012|07:15am]
premise, rules, application, mod contacts )

pb & reincarnation holds. [05 Oct 2012|07:15am]
character and pb holds )

Business/Entertainment Listing [02 Feb 2012|01:38am]
This is just a general reference post of the various character-owned businesses in our game as well as those various "famous" people in-game - characters who should be considered celebrities, etc. If you have someone/something you think should be added to this list, please drop us a comment and let us know.

businesses and other fun places )

Example Application. [05 Oct 2002|09:41pm]
application for (character name) )

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